Ukraine War

Ukraine war map today, as of Oct. 31

In Kherson front Ukrainian forces are fighting Russian forces inside the forest area south of Krynky, keeping Russians away from reinforcing. Meanwhile, Ukrainian marines and SSO are conducting operations to widen their area of control east and west.

Heavy fighting resumes near Avdiivka and Russian sources claims taking over Terrykon and reaching as far as the first buildings of the Coke Plant so far are all without visual evidence.

Ukrainian forces have increased their positions west of Robotyne. And there are unconfirmed reports of Ukrainian forces making progress north and northwest of Verbove.

Ukrainian forces confirmed that a Russian S-400 air defense complex was destroyed in occupied Luhansk on October 25 while also hitting a part of an air defense complex in another attack  in Crimea.

General Updates:

Germany began training a group of Ukrainian soldiers on the Patriot air defense system, the Luftwaffe reports. 61 Ukrainian military personnel are participating in it. Also, 10 Ukrainian language mediators are starting a multi week training course.

Zelenskyi met with the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, who pledged support and said F-16’s will be sent to Romania within 2 weeks, and a Patriot system and patrol boats are coming soon.

Azerbaijan sent electrical equipment worth $7.6 million to Ukraine. It includes more than 555.000 meter of electrical cables and wires.

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