Ukraine War

Ukraine war map today, as of Oct. 5

Source: War_mapper on Twitter

Ukrainian forces has managed to dislodge Russian forces present in the treelines east of the railway tracks near Andriivka. Additionally, managed to grab a foothold pushing Russians significantly back.

Russian Kursk Oblast Governor Roman Starovoit claimed the drones attacked facilities in the Sudzha, Korenevsky, and Glushkovsky districts, causing power outages.

General Updates:

Hungary proposed that EU countries reduce funding to Ukraine from €50 billion to €25 billion in subsequent years. The Hungarian government said that it must also be taken into account that the US plans to allocate money.

Ukraine and Sweden have agreed to start negotiations on the conclusion of a bilateral agreement on security guarantees after the G7 Vilnius Declaration, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Kuleba said.

The USA will hand over thousands of confiscated Iranian weapons and ammunition to Ukraine. US Central Command is expected to announce such a decision as early as this week.

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