Ukraine War

Russia’s combat losses as of Nov. 22

As of November 22, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have reported significant combat losses incurred by Russian forces in the ongoing conflict. The latest figures paint a grim picture for the Russian military, revealing a substantial toll on personnel and equipment.

Personnel Losses:

Ukrainian reports indicate that Russian forces have suffered a notable personnel loss, with over 850 personnel confirmed as casualties in the conflict. The toll on individuals underscores the intensity and challenges faced by the Russian military in their campaign.

Armor and Vehicle Losses:

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have also documented losses in terms of armored vehicles. Seven tanks and fourteen armored personnel carriers (APCs) have been reported destroyed. The destruction of these heavily armored vehicles suggests fierce battles on the ground and effective resistance from Ukrainian forces.

Artillery and Aerial Losses:

The conflict has witnessed a significant impact on Russian artillery capabilities, with reports of seventeen artillery systems being neutralized. Additionally, Ukrainian forces claim the downing of thirteen unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), highlighting their effectiveness in countering airborne threats.

Vehicle Losses

The toll on Russian vehicles is apparent, with twenty-five reported destroyed. This category encompasses various types of vehicles, indicating that Ukrainian forces have been successful in targeting and neutralizing a diverse range of military transport.

The updated figures come amidst the intensification of the Ukraine War, with both sides engaged in a protracted and complex conflict. The Ukrainian military’s ability to inflict substantial losses on Russian forces speaks to their resilience and strategic capabilities in the face of aggression.

It is crucial to note that these figures are based on Ukrainian reports and may be subject to verification and updates. The conflict’s evolving nature underscores the need for ongoing monitoring and assessment of the situation as it unfolds.

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