Ukraine War

Russia’s combat losses as of Nov. 23

As of November 23, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have released updated figures detailing the combat losses suffered by the Russian military in the ongoing Ukraine War. The latest statistics, according to Ukrainian sources, paint a vivid picture of the toll exacted on Russian forces in terms of personnel and military equipment.

Personnel Losses:

The Armed Forces of Ukraine report a significant human toll on the Russian side, with a reported loss of 1,130 personnel. This figure underscores the intensity and scale of the conflict, emphasizing the sacrifices made by individuals involved in the hostilities.

Vehicle and Equipment Losses:

The Russian military has also experienced substantial losses in terms of armored vehicles and artillery systems. The Ukrainian report outlines the destruction of 20 tanks, 36 armored personnel carriers (APCs), and 33 artillery systems. The loss of these key assets reflects the effectiveness of Ukrainian resistance and counteroffensives against Russian military advances.

Aerial Losses:

The conflict has not spared unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), with the Ukrainian Armed Forces claiming the destruction of 15 such devices. This aspect of the losses highlights the evolving nature of modern warfare, where both sides utilize advanced technologies for reconnaissance and strategic purposes.

Ground Vehicles:

The toll on ground vehicles is also notable, with 39 reported losses on the Russian side. This includes various types of vehicles used for transportation, logistics, and support roles.

The release of these figures provides a glimpse into the dynamics of the ongoing conflict and the challenges faced by both military forces. The Armed Forces of Ukraine’s ability to inflict significant losses on the Russian military is likely to impact the strategic calculations of both sides and influence the course of the broader conflict.

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