Ukraine War

Russia’s combat losses as of Nov. 25

As of November 25, the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to document and report significant combat losses incurred by Russian forces in the ongoing conflict. The latest figures reveal a continued toll on both personnel and military equipment, underscoring the intensity of the Ukraine War.

The reported Russian combat losses as of November 25 are as follows:

+860 Personnel

+06 Tanks

+07 APCs (Armored Personnel Carriers)

+18 Artillery Systems

+08 UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)

+29 Vehicles

These figures emphasize the gravity of the situation on the ground and the persistent engagement between Ukrainian and Russian forces. The ongoing updates from the Armed Forces of Ukraine provide crucial insights into the evolving dynamics of the conflict, highlighting the human cost and the impact on military capabilities.

The international community continues to closely monitor the developments in the Ukraine War, with these reported losses serving as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by all parties involved.

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