Ukraine War

Ukraine war map today, as of Nov. 14

The situation in the area near the settlement of Krynky remains tense, as Ukrainian forces concentrating heavy equipment on its bank. Electronic warfare continues to cover the positions, and also at night the SDF and GUR groups are actively working with 120-mm mortars.

Russian forces shelled the city of Kherson and Antonivka in Kherson region and Ochakiv in Mykolayiv region. They carried out airstrikes on the city of Kherson, Novoberyslav, Tyahinka and Ivanivka in Kherson region.

In the Battle of Avdiivka, offensive actions by the Russian forcers southeast of Novokalynove and east of Novobakhmutivka. Ukrainian defenders repelled 17 attacks in these fronts.

General Updates:

Hungary will keep blocking a tranche worth €500 million intended for military aid to Ukraine within the framework of the European Peace Fund. Hungary wants guarantees that the OTP bank or other Hungarian firms will not be blacklisted as international sponsors of war.

Germany will hand over two more IRIS-T air defense systems to Ukraine by the end of the year. This was stated by the German ambassador to Ukraine, Martin Jaeger, at the Ukrainian Success Formula forum.

The US bought 60 Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft guns from Jordan for €110 million to be send to Ukraine. The systems were previously sold to Jordan by the Netherlands back in 2013 for ‘only’ €21 million.

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