Ukraine War

Ukraine war map today, as of Nov. 2

Russian sources report that Ukraine launched a missile attack on a command post of the Dnepr group of the Russian Armed Forces, active in the occupied Kherson region.

While Russia is focusing most of its units and equipment southwest of Krasnohorivka, Ukrainian forces have been relocated north of Krasnohorivka, moving south along the H20 highway.

The battles for Avdiivka continue unabated as Russian forces keeps throwing infantry and armor into the battles almost without a pause.

Ukraine President said in a statement that there was an attempt by the enemy to advance in the Vuhledar direction, but our soldiers stopped it inflicting heavy losses on the enemy. Defensive actions in Avdiivka and our offensive operations in the south are also ongoing.

General Updates:

In the US, three dual Russian nationals were arrested for organizing a scheme to supply dual-purpose electronics to Russia for more than $7 million to circumvent sanctions, the American Ministry of Justice reports.

The Ukrainian military has reportedly received an additional batch of 40 French AMX-10RC armored fighting vehicles in recent weeks. In January of this year, Ukraine already received 14 of them.

After the attack on Berdyansk airport, Russian helicopters started to appear in Taganrog air base in Russia. This air base is within striking distance for ATACMS.

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