Ukraine War

Ukraine war map today, as of Nov. 24

In Avdiivka front Russian forces managed to take control over a crossing on the M30 motorway and the adjacent area to the east of this. Near Krasnohorivka, Russians have moved a bit north in the direction of Novokalynove. Meanwhile heavy battles continue near Stepove.

Over 40.000 Russian solider are operating near Avdiivka, most of them regular soldiers. Either mobilized or taken from reserve mainly motorized rifle units supported by artillery and tanks, Spokesman for the Tavria Group of Forces Oleksandr Shtupun said.

After the Ukrainian forces had initially crossed the railway tracks east of Andriivka, the area again became contested due to Russian counter attacks. The situation is a dynamic and changes every 24 hours but in general neither side really moves forward.

Ukrainian forces are attacking west of Robotyne and made minor advancements towards Kopani. Attacks towards Novoprokopivka continue on the outskirts.

General Updates:

New Argentinian President, Javier Milei, offered President Zelenskyi to hold a summit in Argentina with the countries of Latin America on achieving peace in Ukraine.

Finland closes almost all border crossings with Russia. Only in Lapland does a border post remain open, the government reports. The measure will come into effect at midnight on Friday.

Following Finland, Norway is now also considering closing the border with Russia ‘If necessary’, Prime Minister Store said.

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