Ukraine War

Ukraine war map today, as of Nov. 6

A Ukrainian missile destroyed the Russian corvette Askold while it was docked in the Port of Kerch in Crimea. The Russian Black Sea Fleet continues to take serious losses to Ukrainian naval drones and missile strikes.

A Ukrainian missile struck a Russian weapon depot in Siedove near Mariupol. Another missile struck a repair base which is right next to it.

A bit more east of Krynky, Ukrainian forces has managed to secure an area north of Pidstepne including parts of a road to Oleshky which it has raided previously.

In an interview with a news channel, President Zelenskyi made it very clear thea the Ukraine will keep fighting for freedom.

General Updates:

The Romanian government will allocate up to €50 million to subsidies the interest Ukraine owes on the €18 billion loan provided by the European Union in December 2022.

Ukrainian communities received more than 370 school buses thanks to the ‘School Buses for Ukraine’ solidarity program launched in 2022 by the President of the European Commission

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