Ukraine War

Ukraine war update as of Nov. 12

As of November 12, Ukrainian forces in Kherson have initiated a significant strategic maneuver by opening a new axis of attack on the left bank. Recent operations have proven successful, with Ukrainian forces reclaiming positions in the northern dachas on Potemkin island and advancing southward. Additionally, they secured positions just east of Bilohrudove, northwest of Hola Prystan, showcasing a dynamic and effective military response.

Russian Advances and Ongoing Battles: Visual Confirmation Near Avdiivka

Visual confirmation of Russian advances north of Avdiivka raises concerns about the evolving dynamics on the battlefield. Near Krasnohorivka, Russian forces now control half of Terrykon, while the entrances remain under the fire control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU). Further west, active attacks on Stepove, west of the railway, suggest intensified conflict zones.

Frontline Dynamics in Krynky: Armored Vehicles Transfer to the Left Bank

In the Krynky front, the fighting toward the M14 persists, with Russian sources confirming the transfer of additional Ukrainian armored vehicles to the left bank. This shift in military assets underscores the fluid nature of the conflict and the strategic importance attributed to specific regions.

International Support Grows: Diplomatic and Military Collaborations

On the diplomatic front, President Zelenskyi held a crucial meeting with the Minister of Defense of Lithuania, Arvidas Anushauskas. The discussions centered on bolstering defense cooperation between Ukraine and Lithuania, with plans to supply armored medical evacuation vehicles to support soldiers at the front.

Germany’s decision to double military aid to Ukraine next year is a significant development. The increase from €4 billion to €8 billion, as reported by BILD, reflects growing international solidarity with Ukraine. The Budget Committee is expected to officially decide on the additional billions next week, marking a substantial boost in support for Ukraine’s defense efforts.


The developments on multiple fronts in Ukraine demonstrate the dynamic nature of the conflict, with strategic shifts and ongoing battles shaping the landscape. The increased international support, particularly from Germany and Lithuania, signals a growing coalition standing with Ukraine in its efforts to defend its sovereignty. As the situation unfolds, the world watches closely, recognizing the importance of diplomatic collaborations and military aid in addressing the complexities of the ongoing war.

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