Ukraine War

Ukraine war update as of Nov. 24

As of November 24, the situation in the Avdiivka front of the Ukraine war remains fluid, marked by significant developments in Russian forces’ maneuvers. Russian troops have successfully gained control over a crossing on the M30 motorway and the adjoining area to the east. In the vicinity of Krasnohorivka, there has been a northern shift of Russian forces towards Novokalynove, while heavy battles persist near Stepove.

A notable aspect is the significant presence of Russian soldiers, exceeding 40,000 in the Avdiivka region. The majority of these forces are regular soldiers, either mobilized or drawn from reserves, primarily comprising motorized rifle units supported by artillery and tanks. Oleksandr Shtupun, the Spokesman for the Tavria Group of Forces, provided insights into the composition and strength of the Russian contingent.

The dynamics of the conflict are evident in the fluctuating control over strategic locations. Ukrainian forces, initially making advancements west of Robotyne, faced Russian counterattacks that contested the area east of Andriivka. The situation remains volatile, with both sides experiencing shifts, yet neither making significant progress.

Westward, Ukrainian forces are actively engaging near Robotyne, making minor advancements towards Kopani. Simultaneously, efforts continue towards Novoprokopivka on the outskirts.

In a surprising international development, the newly elected Argentinian President, Javier Milei, has extended an offer to Ukrainian President Zelenskyi for a summit in Argentina. The proposed summit aims to bring together countries from Latin America to discuss and work towards achieving peace in Ukraine.

Amidst the military developments, geopolitical considerations are impacting neighboring countries. Finland has taken the significant step of closing almost all border crossings with Russia, effective midnight on Friday. Only a border post in Lapland remains open. Following Finland’s move, Norway is contemplating a similar measure, with Prime Minister Store stating that closing the border with Russia is under consideration “if necessary.”

The evolving situation in the Ukraine war underscores the complexities of the conflict, combining military maneuvers, diplomatic initiatives, and the impact on neighboring nations as the international community closely watches and responds to unfolding events.

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