Ukraine War

British Intelligence Ukraine war map as of Dec. 12

As of December 12, the situation in the Ukraine War remains highly volatile, with the town of Avdiivka in Donetsk Oblast emerging as a focal point of intense combat, according to the latest update from British Intelligence.

Avdiivka’s Ongoing Intensity: Avdiivka has witnessed continuous and intense combat over the past week, making it the epicenter of the conflict. Official Ukrainian public-release data indicates that nearly 40% of all combat engagements have occurred in this small sector during certain days.

Russian Offensives: Russian forces continue their offensives in the region, characterized by dismounted infantry assaults. Notably, Shtorm-Z penal units are playing a significant role in these offensives, underlining the severity and intensity of the conflict.

Local Counterattacks: Ukrainian units have reportedly executed successful local counterattacks, preventing Russian forces from gaining full control of the village of Stepove. This strategic move disrupts Russia’s attempt at implementing a pincer movement designed to envelop Avdiivka and its heavily defended industrial zone.


The British Intelligence report suggests that the Ukrainian military has been effective in resisting Russian advances, particularly in the strategic village of Stepove. Successful local counterattacks indicate a resilient defense that has thwarted Russia’s attempts at encircling Avdiivka.

The use of dismounted infantry assaults, along with the involvement of Shtorm-Z penal units, implies a high level of commitment and aggression from the Russian forces. Avdiivka’s significance, both strategically and industrially, underscores the gravity of the ongoing conflict in the region.

Future Implications:

As the situation unfolds, the dynamics of the conflict in Avdiivka will likely influence the broader narrative of the Ukraine War. The success of Ukrainian counterattacks demonstrates the strategic importance of local resistance in preventing further advances by Russian forces. The international community continues to closely monitor developments in the region, acknowledging the resilience of Ukrainian forces in the face of ongoing challenges.

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