Ukraine War

British Intelligence Ukraine war map as of Dec. 3

As of December 3, British intelligence suggests that Russian authorities are employing tactics to quash public dissent among the wives of deployed Russian soldiers, including attempts to offer financial incentives and discredit them online. The alleged efforts come in the wake of small-scale protests in Moscow during November 2023.

Independent Russian media outlets have conducted research, revealing a pattern of increased cash payments to families in exchange for refraining from protest. This strategy appears to be a response to the rising discontent among wives of deployed soldiers. The discontent culminated in a prominent online group for soldiers’ wives publishing a manifesto against ‘indefinite mobilization’ on November 27, 2023.

In a concerning development, the online group, which played a key role in voicing concerns, received a ‘fake’ warning label around November 31, 2023. This action is believed to be orchestrated by pro-Kremlin actors, indicating a deliberate effort to suppress dissenting voices.

The authorities seem particularly sensitive to protests related to citizens mobilized in September 2022, who have now spent over a year on the front lines. The prolonged mobilization appears to have heightened concerns among soldiers’ families, leading to a surge in public expressions of discontent.

The situation highlights the delicate balance the Russian government is attempting to maintain in managing public sentiment, especially as it pertains to those directly impacted by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. The reported attempts to silence dissenting voices underscore the challenges faced by individuals seeking to express grievances against the backdrop of an extended and intense military campaign. The evolving dynamics of public sentiment in Russia continue to be closely monitored by international observers and intelligence agencies.

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