Ukraine War

Russia’s combat losses as of Dec. 13

As the conflict between Ukraine and Russia continues to unfold, recent reports from the Armed Forces of Ukraine reveal significant combat losses on the Russian side. According to the latest data as of December 13, the toll on Russian forces includes over 850 personnel, 18 tanks, 15 armored personnel carriers (APCs), 3 artillery systems, 10 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and 12 vehicles.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine assert that their continued defense efforts have inflicted substantial damage on Russian military assets, hampering the progress of the invading forces. The reported losses indicate a notable setback for the Russian military in terms of personnel and equipment, underscoring the resilience of Ukrainian forces in the face of the ongoing conflict.

Personnel Losses and Material Damage

With more than 850 Russian personnel casualties, the toll on manpower is a significant blow to the invading forces. Additionally, the destruction of 18 tanks and 15 APCs suggests a dent in Russia’s armored capabilities, limiting their mobility and offensive strength. The loss of 3 artillery systems further impedes the effectiveness of Russian artillery support, impacting their strategic maneuvers.

UAVs and Vehicles Targeted

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have also claimed the destruction of 10 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) operated by Russian forces. This not only restricts the reconnaissance capabilities of the invading side but also indicates the success of Ukrainian anti-drone measures. Furthermore, the destruction of 12 vehicles contributes to the overall material losses suffered by Russian forces during the course of the conflict.

Implications for the Ongoing Conflict

The reported losses could potentially alter the dynamics of the ongoing conflict, with Ukrainian forces successfully repelling Russian advances and inflicting substantial damage on their military assets. The numbers presented by the Armed Forces of Ukraine shed light on the intensity of the engagements and the effectiveness of Ukraine’s defensive strategies.

International Response and Monitoring

As news of the reported losses circulates, the international community is likely to closely monitor the situation, assessing the impact on diplomatic efforts and the overall trajectory of the conflict. The reported figures provide a snapshot of the toll the conflict has taken on Russian forces, raising questions about the sustainability of their military campaign in Ukraine.


The reported combat losses on the Russian side, as disclosed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, highlight the ongoing challenges faced by Russian forces in their incursion into Ukraine. The conflict’s evolving dynamics and the resilience of Ukrainian forces will continue to shape the narrative, with the international community keenly observing the repercussions of the reported losses on the broader geopolitical landscape.

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