Ukraine War

Russia’s combat losses as of Dec. 3

As of December 3, the Armed Forces of Ukraine report significant combat losses inflicted upon Russian forces in the ongoing conflict. The toll, according to official sources, includes a staggering increase in personnel casualties, indicating a notable escalation in the intensity of the Ukraine War.

The reported losses for Russian forces stand at:

  • Personnel: +930
  • Tanks: +04
  • APCs (Armored Personnel Carriers): +11
  • Artillery Systems: +08
  • UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles): +01
  • Vehicles: +22

These numbers underscore the high human and material cost borne by Russian forces, shedding light on the challenging dynamics of the conflict. The updates from the Armed Forces of Ukraine highlight the ongoing resistance and strategic effectiveness employed by Ukrainian forces in countering the Russian military presence.

The situation continues to evolve, and these figures provide a snapshot of the recent developments in the region as both sides grapple for control. The conflict remains a focal point of international concern, with the toll on personnel and equipment emphasizing the gravity of the situation on the ground.

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