Ukraine War

Ukraine war map today, as of Dec. 13

Russian forces has launched at least 10 ballistic missiles at Ukrainian capital Kyiv. All intercepted, but debris severely affected residential areas.

Units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine pushed out the Russian forces and control a slag heap on the western edge of temporarily occupied Horlivka.

Both Russian and Ukrainian sources report a new counterattack from Russia in Krynky. Heavy fighting continues on the approaches both east and west of Krynky.

Russian forces advanced up to several hundred meters south of Pershotravneve. Attacks near Synkivka haven’t been reported as intense as the last 1-2 weeks, but still occur on a daily basis.

In the Battle of Avdiivka, inflicting significant losses on the enemy, Ukrainian defenders repelled 42 attacks by the Russian forces.

General Updates:

Finnish Defense Minister Antti Häkkinen announced to significantly increase the production capacity of heavy ammunition in Finland, which will enable long-term support for Ukraine until the 2030s. It also strengthens Finland’s own defense capability.

The US will provide Ukraine with new weapons as part of another $200 million military aid package that includes ammunition for HIMARS, HARM, anti-armor systems, artillery rounds, missiles, demolition munitions, small arms ammo, generators and other things.

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