Ukraine War

Ukraine war map today, as of Dec. 18

In Avdiivka front Russian forces once again tried to attack Stepove but failed grabbing a foothold. The latest attacks are with a smaller amount of armored vehicles or sometimes with only small infantry groups, mostly during night times.

In Bakhmut front near the canal west of Kurdyumivka, geolocated footage shows that Russian forces have retaken some ground. We are fairly confident that along the eastern part of canal and more south, Russians reclaimed presence and Ukrainian forces are no longer active.

All Ukrainian gains that were achieved north of Khromove during the summer offensive are undone. Reassessing the situation and by looking at recent geolocated footage, Russia even managed to occupy more land and now controls parts of the T0506 near Khromove.

General Updates:

Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhnyi said that Ukrainian forces are planning a new counteroffensive. Ukraine is likely to gather resources for new operations in 2024

Western nations are now actively exploring ways to seize Russian central bank assets to fund Ukraine. US officials said that there is a route to seizing the assets consistent with international law.

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