Ukraine War

Ukraine war map today, as of Dec. 21

In Bakhmut front Ukrainian forces present east of the reservoir near Klishchiivka. This location indicates a small advancement east of the railway tracks.

Russian forces doing everything they can to knock out Ukrainian defenders from the left bank of the Dnipro in Kherson region. Ukrainian soldiers repulsed the attacks and forced them to retreat with losses.

In Zaporizhia region, Ukrainian defenders repelled 12 attacks by the Russian forces west of Novopokrovka and Robotyne.

In the Battle of Avdiivka, Ukrainian soldiers firmly hold the defense lines, inflicting significant losses on the Russian armed forces.

General Updates:

Ukrainian hackers, probably in cooperation with the SBU, hacked and destroyed the infrastructure of ROSVODOKANAL, a major Russian water supply and wastewater disposal company. They encrypted 6000 computers and deleted 50TB of data, backups and services.

Ukraine received €150 million of financial aid on an irrevocable basis from the EU. The funds are part of the financing of the program ‘Supporting the rapid recovery of Ukraine’. A second, €100 million tranche, is expected in early 2024.

Germany is close to confiscating over €700 million in Russian assets which can than be added to the Federal Budget. From there, it will likely be used to send immediately to Ukraine in the form of financial or military aid.

Newly elected Slovakian Prime Minster Robert Fico, said that he will block Ukraine’s accession to NATO as long as he is in charge in Slovakia. Fico is known for his Pro-Russian stance.

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