Ukraine War

Ukraine war map today, as of Dec. 4

South of Robotyne, Russian forces attacked and tried to regain previously lost grounds near the big trench network which has been fought over for weeks but the attack was repelled. Meanwhile Russian sources claim further Ukrainian advance north of Verbove.

In Avdiivka front after capturing positions southeast of Stepove behind the railway tracks, Russians now try to exploit the situation and pincer more to the west to surround the Coke Plant from the north.

Ukrainian forces shot down a Kh-59 cruise missile and 18 out of 23 “Shahed-136-131” strike UAVs launched by the Russian armed forces towards Ukrainian targets.

General Updates:

The Polish government announced that it would tighten controls on Ukrainian trucks crossing the Polish border, which was one of the demands of Poland’s protesting haulers. Polish truckers started blocking three border crossing points on Nov. 6 in protest of the liberalization of EU transport rules for Ukrainian trucks, causing huge lines on both sides of the border.

Ukraine has signed a contract with Polish arms industry enterprise Huta Stalowa Wola SA for the production of an additional 56 AHS Krab self propelled howitzers. .

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