Ukraine War

Ukraine war map today, as of Dec. 8

In Krynky front since a week Ukrainian troops have been tasked to consolidate positions and have managed to do so. In addition new and fresh forces were transferred to the left bank. A Russian mechanized attack followed by smaller infantry attacks in the forest area were repelled.

In Avdiivka front multiple reports state that Ukrainian units managed to push back Russian forces east of the Avdiivka Coke Plant. Fighting is ongoing in Stepove as Russian forces has sent group after group to take positions inside Stepove.

Ukrainian forces advanced in the area of Dorozhnyanka and Marfopil. This could very well be local battles and back and forth fighting which needs to be secured over time as this is the very front line.

General Updates:

The United States will complete the transfer of 14 Vampire systems to Ukraine this month, the US Naval Air Systems Command reports. These systems are designed specifically for Ukraine to detect and intercept enemy drones.

French President Emmanuel Macron is hopeful that it will be possible to convince Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to change his position on supporting Ukraine before the EU leaders’ summit on December 14-15.

President Zelenskyi confirmed that he will come to Argentina for Milei’s inauguration. The president would arrive at dawn on Sunday. It will be the first time he travels to Latin America since the invasion from Russia began.

The Executive Board of the IMF plans to meet next Monday to discuss the issues of the second review of the EFF program for Ukraine, which will open the possibility for Ukraine of receiving the next tranche worth $900 million.

British Foreign Minister David Cameron said that there are strong arguments in favor of seizing frozen Russian assets and directing them to rebuild Ukraine.

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