Ukraine War

Ukraine war update as of Dec. 11

As of December 11, 2023, the conflict in Ukraine persists with intense fighting reported in critical fronts. In the Krynky front, ongoing battles are taking place on both the eastern and western approaches, where Russian forces are utilizing heavy equipment and FABs. Ukrainian forces are reported to primarily employ small arms, ATGMs, FPVs, and artillery in response to the aggression.

In the Avdiivka front, heavy fighting is concentrated to the north of Spartak near the M30 highway. Notably, Ukrainian defenders are inflicting significant losses on Russian forces, particularly in terms of heavy armor.

The Zaporizhia region has also witnessed active defense by Ukrainian forces, successfully repelling three attacks by Russian armed forces near Robotyne. Additionally, Russian forces reportedly shelled more than 20 settlements on this front.

In broader updates, President Zelenskyi is set to fly to the United States and meet with President Joe Biden on December 12. The focus of the meeting will be on securing unity among the U.S., Europe, and the global community in supporting Ukraine’s defense against Russian aggression.

On the military assistance front, Germany has announced its capability to deliver 200,000 artillery shells to Ukraine next year, marking a significant contribution to the planned million shells. German Chief of Defence Carsten Breuer highlighted this commitment, underlining Germany’s support for Ukraine in its defense efforts.

The situation on the ground reflects the ongoing challenges faced by Ukrainian forces, with key fronts experiencing sustained conflict. The diplomatic efforts led by President Zelenskyi underscore the importance of global solidarity in addressing the crisis and supporting Ukraine against Russian aggression.

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