Ukraine War

Ukraine war update as of Dec. 12

As of December 12, both Russian and Ukrainian sources confirm a new counterattack by Russian forces in Krynky, leading to heavy fighting on multiple fronts. The situation remains fluid, with significant developments reported in various key areas.

Krynky Counterattack: Russian forces have initiated a new counterattack in Krynky, engaging in heavy fighting on both the eastern and western approaches. Ukrainian forces, now reportedly numbering around 300 men within Krynky and its surroundings, are actively defending against the assault.

Pershotravneve Advance: Russian forces have advanced several hundred meters south of Pershotravneve. While attacks near Synkivka are not reported to be as intense as in previous weeks, daily skirmishes persist.

Avdiivka Front: Heavy fighting continues north of Spartak near the M30 highway. Ukrainian forces are actively resisting Russian advances, resulting in significant losses of heavy armor on the Russian side.

General Updates:

  1. IMF Approval: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has approved the revision of the program for Ukraine. This decision enables Ukraine to receive a tranche of approximately $900 million, providing crucial financial support during these challenging times.
  2. EU Accession Negotiations: The start of negotiations on Ukraine’s accession to the European Union might be delayed until March 2024. This delay is attributed to Hungary’s demand for a ‘strategic discussion’ on aid to Ukraine, introducing an additional layer of complexity to the negotiation process.
  3. U.S. Military Aid: The United States reaffirms its commitment to supporting Ukraine by announcing another package of military aid expected to be delivered by the end of December. This aid is crucial for bolstering Ukraine’s defense capabilities.
  4. German Financial Assistance: Germany has officially confirmed an increase in aid to Ukraine, raising the amount to €8 billion for the upcoming year. This financial support underscores the solidarity of the international community in assisting Ukraine during the ongoing conflict.


The continued intensity of fighting in key strategic locations such as Krynky and Avdiivka underscores the volatile nature of the conflict. While Ukrainian forces exhibit resilience in defending their positions, the dynamics on the ground remain unpredictable.

On the diplomatic front, the delays in EU accession negotiations and the commitment of financial support from the IMF and Germany demonstrate a global effort to stand by Ukraine during these challenging times.

As international support strengthens and the conflict continues, the situation in Ukraine remains a focal point, with both military and diplomatic developments influencing the trajectory of events on the ground.

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