Ukraine War

Ukraine war update as of Dec. 14

As of December 14, the Ukraine war sees dynamic developments in various fronts, providing a snapshot of the ongoing conflict. In the Avdiivka industrial zone, Russian forces have made slight improvements in their positions, while Ukrainian forces maintain a presence to the south and southwest, albeit less prominently than before. Notably, north of Avdiivka, a Russian column of 3 MT-LBs was reportedly destroyed by Bradley TOWs and artillery fire between Stepove and the Avdiivka Coke Plant.

The situation in Mar’inka is marked by heavy Russian attacks, which Ukrainian forces have successfully repelled. Geolocated footage indicates Russian presence in both remaining parts north and south of Mar’inka, highlighting the ongoing dynamics in the area.

In the Krynky front, Russian sources claim a counterattack is underway from the forest area and eastern outskirts. Ukrainian units are reported to have retreated to the center, although further confirmation is needed to ascertain the accuracy of this information.

In general updates, international support for Ukraine continues to strengthen. Norway has pledged additional NASAMS air defense systems for Ukraine, valued at NOK 335 million, with some systems dispatched from their own warehouses for swift delivery. Additionally, Norway is providing financial and humanitarian aid worth $800 million to Ukraine.

Denmark has also stepped up its support, announcing a new aid package for Ukraine totaling €1 billion. This support package will be presented to the Danish parliament, underscoring the international community’s commitment to assisting Ukraine in its defense against Russian aggression.

The evolving situation on the ground, coupled with robust international support, reflects the complex nature of the conflict and the determination of the involved parties to navigate and shape the outcome in the face of ongoing challenges.

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