Ukraine War

Ukraine war update as of Dec. 5

As of December 5, the conflict in Ukraine sees ongoing intense fighting with multiple fronts experiencing significant military engagements. Here are the latest updates from the war-torn region:

North of Kupyansk and Synkivka:

Heavy fighting is reported north of Kupyansk near Synkivka. Russian sources claims that Russian forces have entered the northern part of Synkivka, although this information has not been officially confirmed. Meanwhile intense battles are also taking place in the forest west of Lyman Pershyi.

Avdiivka Front:

The Avdiivka front witnesses fighting towards Novokalynove, Stepove, and Sjeverne. Ukrainian defenders successfully thwarted a Russian armored attack in the fields between Sjeverne and Pervomais’ke.

General Updates:

  1. EU Accession Talks: The permanent representatives of 27 EU member states are set to discuss the decision of the upcoming EU summit regarding the initiation of accession talks with Ukraine and other prospective members in Brussels.
  2. Rheinmetall Artillery Shells: Rheinmetall, a German defense contractor, will supply Ukraine with tens of thousands of 155mm artillery shells. The deal is valued at around €142 million, with delivery scheduled for 2025. Additionally, production and delivery of 40,000 shells from a previous order are slated for 2024.
  3. Bulgarian President’s Veto: The Bulgarian President, Radev, has vetoed the supply of armored carriers to Ukraine. However, the Prime Minister has indicated that a majority in parliament is likely to reject the veto.

The situation in Ukraine remains fluid, with intense battles and strategic developments shaping the course of the conflict. The international community closely watches these developments, with implications for the geopolitical landscape in the region.

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