Ukraine War

Ukraine War Update as of January 22: Escalation in Avdiivka Front and Power Station Hit in Makeevka

As of January 22, heavy fighting persists in and around Stepove, part of the Avdiivka front. South of Avdiivka, Russian forces have managed to advance their positions near the M03 highway into the private sector. Ukrainian forces responded with a counterattack to reclaim lost ground in this strategic area.

In the occupied Donetsk region, specifically Makeevka, a power station has been targeted by Ukrainian forces. The aftermath has left parts of Makeevka and Donetsk without electricity, exacerbating an already challenging situation in the region.

Oleksiy Hetman, a military expert, emphasizes the necessity for a wider and deeper bridgehead on the Dnipro River to facilitate further advances south. This strategic perspective indicates the ongoing complexity and importance of territorial control in the conflict.

General Updates on EU Support: The European Union is contemplating a new financing scheme for Ukraine, aiming to return over €20 billion to member states over the next four years. This financial plan is designed to support the military aid provided to Ukraine.

Slovakian Prime Minister’s Visit: Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico is scheduled to meet Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhaľ in Uzhgorod next Wednesday. During the visit, Prime Minister Fico will bring humanitarian aid and reiterate Slovakia’s stance that it will not provide military assistance to Ukraine.

EU’s Artillery Production and Proposal: European Commissioner Thierry Breton announced that the European Union is set to have the capacity to produce at least 1.3 million shells by the end of the year. The majority of these artillery shells are intended for Ukraine. Additionally, the EU is proposing the transformation of the European Peace Facility into a €5 billion annual Ukraine Assistance Fund. This proposed fund aims to streamline support for Ukraine, focusing on joint procurement, training, and addressing urgent needs.

The situation in Ukraine remains dynamic, with military, diplomatic, and humanitarian developments shaping the ongoing conflict. The international community closely watches these events as efforts continue to find resolutions and provide assistance to those affected by the conflict.

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