Investigation Launched After Assault Allegations Against Taylor Swift’s Father in Sydney

Australian authorities have initiated an investigation into assault allegations made by a paparazzo against Scott Swift, the father of global pop sensation Taylor Swift. The incident reportedly took place on Tuesday morning at a wharf in Sydney, shortly after Scott and Taylor Swift had disembarked from a boat and encountered a group of photographers.

Ben McDonald, a 51-year-old paparazzo, claims that Scott Swift, 71, struck him in the face during the encounter. While McDonald did not sustain serious injuries and did not require medical treatment, the allegations have garnered significant attention due to the involvement of a prominent celebrity’s family member.

The incident unfolded at Neutral Bay Wharf around 02:30 local time, as captured by Australian media footage. The video shows Taylor Swift, concealed beneath an umbrella, walking alongside her father and security guards. Flashes from cameras punctuate the darkness, while voices, reportedly belonging to a photographer and a security guard, can be heard accusing each other of interference with umbrellas. The exact moment of the alleged assault is not clearly depicted in the video.

Taylor Swift had just concluded a successful performance as part of her highly acclaimed Eras tour, which has consistently drawn sell-out crowds across Australia.

New South Wales Police have confirmed that they are investigating the incident, with officers from the North Shore Police Area Command assigned to the case. The investigation will determine the circumstances surrounding the alleged assault and any legal implications for Scott Swift.

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