Meghan Markle Takes a Solo Path Hints at Work Divorce from Prince Harry

Recent reports suggest that Meghan Markle is proceeding with a “work divorce” from Prince Harry, signaling a shift in their professional collaboration. Royal commentator and expert Daniela Elser highlighted this possibility in a recent piece for, pointing out that both Harry and Meghan have made significant announcements independently, marking a departure from their joint professional ventures.

Meghan’s recent moves, including joining Lemonda Media for an Archetypes revamp, indicate a shift away from the once inseparable professional partnership of “Harry and Meghan Inc.” Elser suggests that this marks the official end of their joint endeavors.

While the couple had initially signed lucrative deals with platforms like Netflix post-Megxit, the recent developments hint at a potential divergence in their professional trajectories. Elser speculates that if the couple is not actively collaborating on the promised “inspirational” and “hopeful” programming, their “work divorce” will be official.

As Meghan Markle and Prince Harry embark on individual career paths, the dynamics of their professional collaboration have undergone a significant transformation. The once united front of “Harry and Meghan Inc.” appears to be evolving into distinct, independent ventures. Meghan’s recent affiliation with Lemonda Media for an Archetypes revamp underscores her commitment to forging her own professional identity.

The shift towards individual pursuits raises questions about the future of the couple’s joint ventures, especially those initiated post-Megxit, such as their lucrative deals with platforms like Netflix. Observers are keenly watching whether the couple will fulfill their promises of delivering “inspirational” and “hopeful” programming together or if their divergence marks the formal end of their collaborative efforts.

While Meghan’s recent career moves have garnered attention, Prince Harry has also made significant announcements independently. As the couple navigates their post-royal journey, their professional trajectories seem to be taking separate routes. This unfolding narrative adds another layer to the evolving dynamics of Harry and Meghan’s public and private lives.

The repercussions of this reported “work divorce” extend beyond their individual careers, touching on their shared commitments and promises made during their high-profile exit from royal duties. The coming months will reveal the true nature of their professional evolution and whether this signifies a definitive departure from their joint endeavors or merely a temporary divergence.

These developments come as Harry and Meghan continue to navigate their post-royal life and pursue independent projects in the media and business sectors.

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