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Ukraine War Update as of February 12: Russian Forces Advancements in Avdiivka Front

As of February 12, the situation in the Avdiivka front remains tense as Russian forces continue their advance into the private sector. Reports indicate that fighting has extended west of the railway tracks and south of the Coke Plant. Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU) have responded by dispatching a significant number of reinforcements to stabilize the situation in Avdiivka.

Of particular concern is the approaching of Russian forces to Avdiivka’s supply artery west of the Coke and Chemical Plant. Dmytro Lykhovy, spokesman for the Defense Forces of Tavria region, warns that this could complicate logistics and hinder the ability to reinforce Ukrainian troops. There is a growing apprehension about the potential for operational encirclement, emphasizing the strategic significance of the ongoing conflict in this region.

In the Bakhmut front, the AFU has achieved control over the entrance area at the Donbas Canal and a treeline northwest of this zone. These gains mark the first reported advancements in this particular area since the offensive actions stalled by the end of summer in 2023. West of Bakhmut, Russian troops are pressing towards Chasiv Yar, resulting in Ukrainian forces being pushed back along the O0506 highway leading to the city from Khromove.

Recent Russian offensive actions north of Makiivka prompted a counter-move by Ukrainian troops, who successfully regained ground towards Novovodiane.

General Updates:

  1. French President Macron Postpones Ukraine Visit: President Emmanuel Macron’s planned visit to Ukraine on February 13 and 14 has been postponed due to security concerns, according to the Elysée. This decision has raised questions among both French and Ukrainian diplomats.
  2. F-16 Supplies and Infrastructure: Ignat, a notable figure, commented on the status of F-16 supplies to Ukraine, emphasizing the necessity of robust infrastructure to protect F-16s against potential Russian attacks.
  3. Japanese Aid for Reconstruction: Japan is set to pledge 15.8 billion yen ($106 million) in aid to support the reconstruction of Ukraine from war damage. The aid will cover seven fields, including infrastructure rebuilding and demining, according to sources familiar with the matter speaking to Kyodo News.

As the conflict dynamics evolve on multiple fronts, the international response and diplomatic engagements are playing a crucial role in shaping the trajectory of the ongoing situation in Ukraine. The focus remains on the ground operations, the strategic significance of key regions, and the broader geopolitical implications of the conflict.

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