Ukraine War

Ukraine War Update as of February 16: Russian Forces Consolidate Control in Avdiivka

As of February 16, significant developments are unfolding in the Avdiivka front, indicating a strategic withdrawal by Ukrainian forces. The former Zenit airbase in Avdiivka has reportedly been abandoned by the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) and is now under Russian control. Additionally, Russian forces have advanced towards the cemetery south of the sand quarry, and further progress has been made towards Lastochkyne through open fields.

The withdrawal from Avdiivka has been a subject of extensive discussion, and troops on this front were reportedly prepared for such a scenario, with information about the strategic move known for more than two weeks. The current situation suggests that the anticipated moment for withdrawal has arrived, and further details are expected to emerge in the coming days.

Amid the developments, Ukrainian forces are engaging in counterattacks on the flanks, possibly aiming to extract comrades from potential encirclement. Fierce fighting is reported in the eastern parts of the region, with Ukrainian units involved in close combat within Avdiivka from multiple directions.

General Updates:

  1. Hungary Blocks EU Sanctions: Hungary has blocked the approval of the 13th package of EU sanctions against Russia. The sanctions target nearly 200 individuals and entities from Russia, China, and other countries deemed to be aiding Moscow’s war effort.
  2. Trump’s Plans for Ukraine: If former U.S. President Donald Trump wins the presidential election, there are plans to force Ukraine into peace talks with Russia. One of Trump’s advisers suggested that the promise to halt military aid to Ukraine could serve as leverage to bring the country to the negotiating table.
  3. Zelenskyi’s Diplomatic Visit: The Office of the President of Ukraine has confirmed that Volodymyr Zelenskyi will visit Germany and France on February 16-17. The diplomatic visit is expected to address key issues related to the ongoing conflict.
  4. Spanish Military Aid to Ukraine: Spain is set to transfer a new batch of M113 armored tracked vehicles and electric generators to Ukraine as part of a new military aid package. This assistance aims to support Ukraine in its defense efforts.

The evolving situation in Avdiivka and the broader geopolitical developments highlight the dynamic and fluid nature of the conflict in Ukraine, with diplomatic, strategic, and military dimensions at play.

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