Dr. Shola Mos-Shogbamimu Sparks Debate on Kate Middleton’s Video Appearance

A fresh wave of debate has erupted on social media following comments by Dr. Shola Mos-Shogbamimu regarding Kate Middleton’s recent appearance in a video shared by TMZ on X, formerly known as Twitter.

TMZ shared a video showcasing Kate Middleton alongside Prince William, with the caption “#KateMiddleton seemed to be in good spirits while out and about with #PrinceWilliam,” noting that the Princess of Wales appeared “happy, healthy with William.”

However, Dr. Shola’s response to the video stirred controversy as she questioned the identity of the woman accompanying Prince William, stating, “Wait….who the hell is that with Prince William? Are you all thinking what I’m thinking or do I need to go to Specsavers? #KateMiddleton.”

Dr. Shola’s comment triggered varied reactions from social media users. One individual echoed similar doubts, expressing, “I felt the same, it didn’t look like her. In addition, how she had surgery, yet, looks amazingly fine.”

Conversely, another commenter defended Kate Middleton’s appearance, asserting, “It looks just like Kate, she’s clearly lost weight as she’s been ill but that’s her face. Y’all do nothing but chat crap about her but still don’t know what she looks like embarrassing.”

However, Dr. Shola’s skepticism persisted, prompting a retort from another social media user: “Specsavers won’t help you. You need some therapy for conspiracy theory syndrome.”

Further fueling the debate, another commenter cast doubt on the authenticity of the video, stating, “Most certainly not Kate. Doesn’t walk like her and not the same face. Kensington Palace is very desperate at this point and it means something has gone wrong.”

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Amidst the scrutiny, questions regarding Kate Middleton’s recovery from surgery were raised, with one commenter questioning, “I wonder which agency they hired this lookalike from? She’s walking pretty fast and carrying shopping…isn’t she recovering from major abdominal surgery?”

As speculation continues to mount, Dr. Shola’s comments have reignited discussions surrounding Kate Middleton’s appearance and the authenticity of the viral video, prompting further scrutiny and debate among social media users.