Princess Kate Middleton’s Lookalike Sparks Conspiracy Theory

British sports broadcaster Sonja McLaughlan has ignited a new wave of speculation with her remarks on a recent video featuring what appears to be Kate Middleton and Prince William visiting a farm shop.

McLaughlan questioned the authenticity of the individuals in the footage, suggesting that they might be lookalikes rather than the royal couple themselves.

In her commentary, McLaughlan expressed skepticism, stating, “It’s so obviously not Kate,” implying that the woman in the video bore a resemblance to the Duchess of Cambridge but was not actually her.

She further raised doubts about Prince William’s identity, suggesting that he too could have been misidentified or potentially portrayed by a paid actor.

McLaughlan’s remarks, shared via social media platform X (formerly Twitter), drew attention to the discrepancy between the video footage and the portrayal presented by certain newspapers.

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She criticized publications like The Times for reporting the video as factual evidence of Kate Middleton’s public appearance, despite her assertion that the individuals depicted were not the royals.

The broadcaster’s comments have fueled speculation and debate, with some echoing her doubts and others dismissing them as unfounded conspiracy theories. As the controversy unfolds, questions linger over the authenticity of the farm shop visit and the identities of those involved, highlighting the intrigue surrounding the royal family’s public appearances.