UnitedHealth Group and Mount Sinai Health System Reach Agreement

In a move welcomed by thousands of New Yorkers, UnitedHealth Group Inc. and Mount Sinai Health System have reached a new multiyear contract, averting a potential crisis that could have seen many individuals lose access to their in-network doctors.

The agreement, finalized on Tuesday, comes as a relief to residents and patients alike, ensuring immediate restoration of access to Mount Sinai’s hospitals for individuals covered under employer-sponsored and individual plans, including the Oxford Health Plan. This significant development was announced through a statement on the UnitedHealth website.

Earlier this year, several hospitals within the Mount Sinai Health System had departed from UnitedHealth’s insurance networks following a disagreement over the appropriate compensation for services provided. This dispute had placed Mount Sinai’s physicians on track to be out of network starting March 22, sparking concerns among patients about their continued access to essential healthcare services.

However, with the new contract in place, patients can now breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that they can continue to receive care from their trusted healthcare providers without disruption. The resolution of this issue underscores the importance of collaboration and negotiation in ensuring the continued delivery of quality healthcare services to communities, particularly during challenging times.

The agreement between UnitedHealth Group and Mount Sinai Health System serves as a testament to the dedication of both organizations to prioritize the well-being and healthcare needs of New Yorkers, reaffirming their commitment to providing accessible and comprehensive medical care to all individuals within their network.

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