Prince Harry’s Ambitious Vision Meghan Markle as the Future Queen of England?

Speculation surrounding Prince Harry’s ambitious plans for his wife, Meghan Markle, within the royal family has sparked intrigue, with royal expert Angela Levin shedding light on the Duke of Sussex’s surprising aspirations.

In a conversation with former GB News journalist Dan Wootton, Levin shared insights into Prince Harry’s belief that Meghan is a fitting candidate to assume the role of Queen within the monarchy, surpassing both Kate Middleton and Camilla in suitability.

“He believes – and this must surprise you – that Meghan is the one who should take over as Queen,” Levin revealed, offering a glimpse into Prince Harry’s perspective on Meghan’s potential role within the royal hierarchy.

Levin further emphasized Prince Harry’s stance on the matter, noting his conviction that Meghan possesses the qualities necessary to lead the royal family into the future.

According to Levin, Prince Harry views Meghan as a self-made woman with extensive experience, contrasting her attributes favorably against those of other royal figures.

The assertions made by Levin shed light on Prince Harry and Meghan’s perceived discontent with their treatment within the royal family, with Meghan reportedly feeling overlooked in decision-making processes compared to Kate Middleton.

Levin’s remarks suggest that both Prince Harry and Meghan believe that Meghan’s unique background and expertise warrant greater consideration within royal circles.

However, it’s essential to note that Prince Harry and Meghan relinquished their royal positions and moved to the US with their children four years ago, signaling a significant departure from traditional royal duties.

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Despite their distance from the royal family and their vocal criticisms in interviews, Prince Harry remains fifth in line to the throne, with the possibility of assuming the role of King in unlikely circumstances.

As discussions surrounding the future of the monarchy continue to evolve, Prince Harry’s vision for Meghan’s role within the royal family offers insight into their aspirations and aspirations for a more inclusive and modern monarchy.

While their return to royal duties may not be imminent, Prince Harry’s belief in Meghan’s potential as a future Queen underscores their ongoing influence within royal circles and beyond.

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