Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Plans for Major Event Revealed

As Prince William and Kate Middleton approach their 13th wedding anniversary next week, details have emerged about how the couple intends to celebrate this significant milestone.

Amidst ongoing concerns about Kate’s health, as she continues to undergo treatment for an undisclosed form of cancer, the Prince and Princess of Wales are reportedly opting for a private celebration.

Former royal butler Grant Harrold shared insights into the couple’s plans for their anniversary during an interview with Spin Genie.

Harrold emphasized that given the current circumstances surrounding Kate’s health, the anniversary festivities will likely remain behind closed doors, away from public attention.

“With everything going on with Kate, that won’t be a public thing, that’s going to be very private,” Harrold disclosed.

He suggested that Prince William may take on the role of chef for the evening, highlighting William’s culinary skills and the possibility of him preparing a special meal for the occasion.

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Harrold expressed confidence that despite the private nature of the celebration, there would still be an exchange of gifts and cards between the couple, as is customary for such occasions.

“Once again, there’ll still be an exchange of gifts, I have no doubt they will give each other a gift, I’ve no doubt they will exchange cards,” Harrold remarked.

He further speculated about the possibility of a special meal, either shared just between the couple or potentially with close friends and family, depending on Kate’s well-being at the time.

As the Prince and Princess navigate these challenging times, their commitment to each other and their ability to find moments of joy and celebration amidst adversity continue to resonate with admirers around the world.

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