Anti Monarchy Group Reacts to Rumours Amid Kate Middleton’s Health Battle

In an unexpected move, the Chief Executive of Republic, Graham Smith, has come to the defense of Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales, following persistent rumors and speculations about her health.

This is notable given Smith’s usual stance on the monarchy, having previously called for the stripping of Kate’s royal title.

Speaking with GB News, Smith addressed the “unhealthy” obsession of royal fans and followers with the personal life of Kate Middleton.

Despite his opposition to the royal family, he advocated for Kate’s right to privacy, emphasizing the need to respect her personal space during her health crisis.

Nearly two months after Kate announced her cancer diagnosis, Smith expressed his opinion that the public should be content with knowing the reason behind her stepping back from royal duties.

He criticized the ongoing speculations and bizarre theories about her health, calling them unnecessary and intrusive.

“I think that she is on the public payroll and there’s an expectation that she does something in return for the lavish lifestyle,” Smith stated.

“So knowing that she has cancer and therefore, that is why she is not around is fair enough. But I just think that whole need to get into the private lives of these people is unhealthy.”

Smith also reacted to the numerous wild theories that circulated about Kate’s whereabouts before her cancer announcement.

“I think a lot of the speculation was just bordering on slightly bizarre,” he remarked.

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He further criticized the overly admiring conversations and speculations about her, which he described as placing her on an unrealistic pedestal.

“And she is just a regular person going through a tough time, and she should be left to get on with it with her family. And it doesn’t need any more than that,” Smith concluded.

Smith’s defense of Kate Middleton underscores the importance of privacy and respect, even for public figures, especially during personal health battles.

His comments reflect a call for a more compassionate and respectful approach towards individuals facing serious health issues, regardless of their public status.

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