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Kate Middleton’s Dreadful Looking Controversial Portrait Sparks Uproar Among Fans

The release of a new portrait of Kate Middleton for the July 2024 issue of Tatler has sparked significant controversy and disapproval among fans, who have labeled it an “appalling error in judgement.” The portrait, which was created without a live sitting and instead assembled from past images of the Princess, has been met with widespread criticism on social media.

The new portrait, part of a collaboration between the Akoje Residency and the King’s Foundation, was intended to celebrate African, Caribbean, and diasporic artists. These artists are given the opportunity to spend time at the King’s estate, Dumfries House in Scotland, to develop their artistic practices. Despite its noble intentions, the artwork has not been well-received by the public.

Tatler has a history of featuring significant royal portraits, with this piece intended as a follow-up to the July 2022 issue that commemorated Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee. However, the reaction to Kate Middleton’s portrayal has been starkly negative. Fans voiced their dissatisfaction vehemently once the cover image was shared on Instagram.

One particularly disappointed fan wrote, “Such a disappointing portrait! Princess Kate is beautiful and the portrait should look like the healthy, happy Princess of Wales!” This comment reflects a broader sentiment that the painting fails to capture the essence and vibrancy of the Princess.

The criticism extends beyond just the artistic interpretation. One commenter highlighted Kate Middleton’s personal struggles, noting, “She has been through hell battling cancer! It is incredible that no one proofed this horrible painting before it was published!” This remark underscores the feeling that the portrait does not adequately honor or represent her resilience and grace during challenging times.

Another user implored Tatler to rectify the situation, stating, “Tatler, please do the honorable thing. Get someone who is actually able to look at photos of Kate and paint a beautiful image of her that actually Looks Like Princess Katherine!” This plea indicates a demand for a portrait that more faithfully represents the Princess, both in appearance and spirit.

The uproar did not stop with these comments. Other social media users also expressed their dissatisfaction. One user bluntly commented, “I could have done better with a sweeping brush,” suggesting that the quality of the portrait is far below what is expected for such a prominent figure.

A third user echoed similar sentiments, stating, “This portrait is awful, nothing like her. It’s got to be a joke, can’t believe this has been allowed and published. Tatler [heart eyes emoji] are obviously hoping for record sales!! What is going on here?” This critique not only questions the artistic quality but also hints at potential ulterior motives behind the publication.

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The backlash against the portrait highlights the delicate balance between artistic interpretation and public expectation, especially when it involves beloved public figures like Kate Middleton. Fans’ passionate reactions reveal their deep connection to the Princess and their desire to see her represented in a manner that reflects her true image and character.

As the controversy continues, it remains to be seen how Tatler will respond to the public outcry. Will they commission a new portrait that aligns more closely with fans’ expectations, or will they stand by the original artwork in support of the artist and the collaborative initiative it represents? The resolution of this issue will undoubtedly be watched closely by royal followers and art enthusiasts alike.

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