Rose Hanbury Takes Center Stage with Kate Middleton’s Iconic Accessory

Rose Hanbury, Marchioness of Cholmondeley, has returned to the spotlight after rejecting rumours of an affair with Prince William.

She has recently appeared alongside other royals at various events, coinciding with Kate Middleton’s absence as she undergoes preventative chemotherapy following her cancer diagnosis.

In the wake of Kate’s withdrawal from public engagements, the media buzzed with speculations about Hanbury’s alleged affair with Prince William.

However, her legal team has firmly dismissed these claims as “completely false.”

Hanbury’s resurgence in the royal limelight has drawn attention not only due to her presence but also because of her fashion choices.

Royal watchers have noted that she appeared to wear an accessory famously worn by Princess Kate. In May,

Hanbury attended two significant ceremonies: first at Gloucestershire’s Badminton House and later at the Service of Dedication for the Order of The British Empire at St Paul’s Cathedral on May 15.

During her appearance at St Paul’s Cathedral, eagle-eyed fans observed that Hanbury wore a dark Lock & Co.

Tiffany hat, which closely resembled one that Kate had sported during a Commonwealth event at Westminster Abbey in 2018 and at the Remembrance Sunday service in 2021.

This is not the first instance of Hanbury and Kate sharing a similar fashion sense. Both were seen wearing Aquazurra’s Bow Tie Pumps in black at King Charles III’s coronation.

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The royal family’s continued association with Hanbury, including the prominent role of her son Oliver during the King’s crowning ceremony, further debunks the affair allegations.

Sources cited by Us Weekly in April 2023 reported that the affair rumours had, in fact, strengthened Middleton and William’s relationship.

The scrutiny forced the couple to reflect on their relationship, an exercise they realized should be more frequent.

Hanbury’s reemergence in the public eye, particularly with her choice of iconic accessories, highlights the ongoing interest in royal fashion and dynamics, as well as the solidarity within the royal family amidst unfounded rumours.

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