Royal Family Foundations Shaken by Alliance Rumors As Kate Middleton’s Health Update Looms

Reports of a potential alliance between Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie, and the Sussexes have sent shockwaves through the royal family, with Princess Kate and Prince William reportedly on edge, awaiting an update on Kate Middleton’s health.

According to royal commentator Tom Quinn, there are growing concerns within the royal household about the close relationship between Princess Beatrice, Princess Eugenie, and Prince Harry.

The Mirror reports that while Beatrice and Eugenie have maintained a strong bond with Harry over the years, they notably did not attend his recent Invictus Games event, where he gave a reading at St Paul’s Cathedral.

Despite their absence at Harry’s event, Beatrice and Eugenie later joined Prince William at a Buckingham Palace garden party, raising eyebrows and fueling speculation about potential alliances within the family.

Quinn expressed William and Kate’s apprehension, stating, “For William and Kate, an alliance between Harry and Meghan and Beatrice and Eugenie is a huge worry.”

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Quinn further explained, “They sense that Beatrice and Eugenie feel that, as virtual outcasts themselves, they have far more in common with Harry and Meghan than with any other part of the family.”

Princess Eugenie’s recent statement emphasizing the importance of “supporting family” after attending a garden party hosted by Prince William has only added to the intrigue surrounding the dynamics within the royal family.

As the rumors swirl and tensions rise, all eyes are on the impending health update for Kate Middleton, adding another layer of uncertainty to the already turbulent landscape of royal relationships and alliances.

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