Prince George

Prince George’s Reasons for Never Visiting Kate Middleton Laid Bare During Recent Hospitalization

During Kate Middleton’s recent hospitalization, where she remained hooked up to monitors and tubes, Prince George’s absence from her side raised eyebrows and prompted speculation among royal observers.

Throughout this period, neither Prince George, Princess Charlotte, nor Prince Louis were seen visiting their mother’s hospital room or captured in public outings.

This absence has now been illuminated by insights from royal commentator and expert Katie Nicholl, as revealed in her recent piece for Vanity Fair.

Nicholl provided a deeper understanding of the situation, explaining that Kate Middleton chose to shield her children from witnessing her in a vulnerable state.

“She did not want her children to see her in a gown and hooked up to monitors and tubes,” Nicholl articulated.

Instead, the Princess of Wales opted for daily video calls with her family to maintain a sense of normalcy during her stay at The London Clinic, starting from January 17th, 2024.

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Further validating this perspective, a close friend of the Windsor family shared that life at home continued as usual despite the circumstances.

“Things were so normal at home that George was playing a rugby match against another school while Kate was hospitalized,” the source disclosed.

This revelation underscores Kate Middleton’s protective instincts as a mother, ensuring that her children were shielded from the medical complexities she faced, even amid concern and public curiosity about her health.