Prince William

Prince William Puts Full Ban on Prince Harry from Royal Family Engagements

The relationship between brothers Prince William and Prince Harry continues to deteriorate, despite the apparent closeness they shared when they were younger.

In light of Prince Harry’s continued absence in the United States of America, having abandoned his royal duties, Prince William has reportedly banned Prince Harry from returning to the royal family “in any way, shape, or form,” according to an inside source.

This move aligns with William’s new role as the family disciplinarian, a position previously held by the late Prince Philip.

William has taken on a more authoritative role within the family, as highlighted by recent claims following a YouGov poll on the most popular male royal.

Described as ruling “with a rod of iron,” William’s strict approach mirrors that of his late grandfather. However, it’s unclear if this will benefit his own children by the time they are grown up.

A source told the Daily Beast intricate details of how William has moved into this role and why it continues to influence his dealings with Harry.

“There is a sense that William has stepped into the Prince Philip role. Philip ruled the family with a rod of iron… Now William is calling the shots when it comes to family discipline… He can be scary,” the source declared.

The source further noted that William’s discipline includes the aforementioned ban on Prince Harry, which quashes any notion that Harry might return to the United Kingdom.

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Prince William is dealing with his own personal difficulties at this juncture, as his wife, Princess Kate, is undergoing treatment for cancer.

Despite this, he hasn’t let this potentially introspective moment change his mind regarding his younger brother.

“He’s put an absolute ban on Harry returning in any way, shape, or form to the family fold,” the source concluded.

This decision underscores the significant shift in dynamics within the royal family, as Prince William steps firmly into his role as the new disciplinarian, enforcing strict boundaries even amidst personal challenges.