From Star Trek to Crypto: William Shatner’s Journey in Web 3

William Shatner, the legendary actor known for his role as Captain Kirk in Star Trek, made a surprising appearance at Consensus 2023 to announce his new NFT project. The 92-year-old spoke about his excitement for Web 3 in entertainment and shared his thoughts on where he sees crypto heading in the future.

Shatner’s interest in NFTs began in 2020 when 125,000 William Shatner trading cards sold out immediately on the Wax blockchain. One of the NFTs was an X-ray of his tooth. He later partnered with Web 3 gaming company Orange Comet to launch his new collection called “Infinite Connections,” which consists of 2500 3-dimensional renditions of Shatner.

According to Shatner, his interest in Web 3 is driven by the fact that the technology is evolving and moving fast. He believes that NFTs can be “malleable” and “creative” and wants to be a part of the future that is happening to young people.

Although Shatner himself does not invest in crypto, he is open to it having value to others. He believes that if enough people think it’s something, then it is.

When asked if Captain Kirk would be into crypto, Shatner stated that by the time we reach the time period of his universe, crypto will be “way, so high” in value that he thinks people who are going to live two or three hundred years from now will buy crypto now before it explodes.

Despite his enthusiasm for crypto, Shatner rejected some popular ideas among crypto “doomsayers” that fiat currency is going to collapse, believing that the United States will thrive in a crypto-based future.

In conclusion, William Shatner’s appearance at Consensus 2023 to announce his new NFT project shows his enthusiasm for Web 3 and the evolving crypto landscape. His interest in NFTs and Web 3 demonstrates the potential of the technology to drive innovation in entertainment and beyond.