British Intelligence update on Ukraine as of May. 8

British Intelligence update on Ukraine as of May. 8

Russian military recruiters have been targeting central Asian migrant workers in Russia to serve in Ukraine. Recruiters have visited mosques and immigration offices to recruit. At immigration offices, staff who speak Tajik and Uzbek routinely attempt to recruit migrants.

Radio Free Europe reported recruiters offering sign-up bonuses of USD $2,390 and salaries of up to USD $4,160 a month. Migrants have also been offered a fast-track Russian citizenship path of six months to one year, instead of the usual five years.

The high monthly salary and sign-up bonuses will entice some migrant workers to sign up. These recruits are likely sent to the Ukrainian frontlines where the casualty rate is extremely high.

Recruiting migrants is part of the Russian Ministry of Defense’s attempts to fulfil its target of 400,000 volunteers to fight in Ukraine.

The authorities are almost certainly seeking to delay any new overt mandatory mobilization for as long as possible to minimize domestic dissent.

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