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Earl Spencer Rejects Meghan Markle’s Request Over Althorp House He Said That the Estate Belongs to My Son

In a move grounded in the British aristocratic tradition of primogeniture, the Althorp Estate, Princess Diana’s childhood home, will pass to her nephew, Louis Spencer, Viscount Althorp, rather than her sons, Prince Harry and Prince William. This decision, while surprising to some, reflects the longstanding practice of favoring the eldest male heir in inheritance matters.

Princess Diana tragically died in a car crash in Paris on August 31, 1997, alongside her driver, Henry Paul, and her boyfriend, Dodi Fayed.

Following her untimely death, her sons, Harry and William, inherited the bulk of her £13 million fortune and a significant collection of her jewelry. However, the Althorp Estate, which has been in the Spencer family since 1508, will not follow the same path.

Instead, the estate will be inherited by Louis Spencer, the eldest son of Diana’s brother, Earl Charles Spencer. Despite having three older sisters, Louis will become the next in line to the estate due to the primogeniture rules that prioritize the eldest male descendant.

This tradition has been maintained over centuries, ensuring that Althorp remains under male stewardship within the Spencer family.

Althorp holds significant sentimental value, being the place where Diana spent much of her childhood and where she was ultimately laid to rest. Each summer, the estate opens its doors to the public, offering visitors a glimpse into the late princess’s early life and heritage.

Louis Spencer, who studied at the University of Edinburgh and trained at a drama school in Chiswick, London, is currently pursuing a career in acting. Represented by Tavistock Wood talent agency, Louis has chosen to maintain a relatively low profile compared to his royal cousins.

A source close to the family shared with The Telegraph, “He’s super private and gets on quietly with his things. He’s a very talented actor, and I think he’ll be a brilliant one. You’d like him—he’s very low-key, genuine, decent, kind, tall, and handsome.”

Louis’s approach to his burgeoning acting career contrasts sharply with the public lives of his cousins. While Prince Harry and Prince William continue to navigate their roles within and outside the royal family, Louis’s focus remains on his personal and professional development, away from the spotlight.

The inheritance of Althorp by Louis Spencer reinforces the deeply rooted traditions of British aristocracy, reflecting the continuity and stability valued by the Spencer family.

This decision ensures that the historic estate, which has been a cornerstone of the family’s heritage for over 500 years, remains under the care of the male line, as dictated by primogeniture.

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As Louis prepares to eventually take on the responsibilities of Althorp, he does so with the support and legacy of his family. His understated presence and commitment to his craft as an actor provide a refreshing contrast to the often tumultuous public lives of his royal cousins.

In summary, while Prince Harry and Prince William inherited much of their mother’s personal wealth and belongings, the Althorp Estate will pass to their cousin, Louis Spencer.

This decision, rooted in the tradition of primogeniture, ensures that the estate remains under the stewardship of the eldest male heir, continuing a legacy that has defined the Spencer family for centuries. Louis’s quiet determination and private nature promise a thoughtful and respectful continuation of this heritage.