BlockFi Announces Plans to Allow Crypto Withdrawals, Providing Relief to Customers

Picture Source: BeInCrypto

BlockFi, a prominent crypto lending platform, has recently sent out emails to its customers, revealing their intention to enable cryptocurrency withdrawals during the upcoming summer season. This news comes as a welcome relief to many individuals who have been patiently waiting for the resumption of withdrawals since the market crash in 2022. The aftermath of that crash led to a series of bankruptcies within the industry, forcing several exchanges and related services to halt customer withdrawals. However, some bankrupt companies have already taken steps to enable customers to withdraw their funds, including BlockFi, which recently obtained court permission to initiate these withdrawals.

Court Approval and Progress:

BlockFi’s emails to its customers have confirmed that the bankruptcy court has granted permission for the platform to enable withdrawals from wallet accounts. The crypto lender has been diligently working to ensure that user balances and transactions are accurately reflected on their user interface (UI) following this court order. Although no specific timeline has been provided for the withdrawal feature’s activation, BlockFi aims to complete the necessary testing and preparations by this summer, indicating that customers can expect this much-anticipated functionality soon.

Preparing for Withdrawals:

In the interim, BlockFi has advised its customers to set up external wallets to securely receive their cryptocurrencies. By encouraging users to establish their own wallets, BlockFi aims to ensure that customers have complete control over their funds and the ability to manage their digital assets independently. Additionally, when individual customers become eligible for withdrawals, they will receive a notification via email from the company, further facilitating a smooth and organized process.

Implications for Interest Account Users:

While the announcement regarding wallet account withdrawals has brought relief to many BlockFi customers, it has raised questions among interest account users who are eagerly awaiting clarification on their options. Currently, it remains unclear whether interest account holders will have the same withdrawal privileges as wallet account users. BlockFi has not provided detailed information regarding the future of interest accounts and whether they will be subject to any restrictions or changes.

Recovering from the FTX Collapse:

It is worth noting that BlockFi’s decision to file for bankruptcy in November 2022 was a direct consequence of the FTX collapse and its ripple effect throughout the industry. The impact of the market crash led to several companies facing financial difficulties and ultimately being unable to meet customer withdrawal demands. However, with the recent development allowing customers to withdraw funds from their wallet accounts, BlockFi is taking a step towards addressing the concerns of its users and rebuilding trust within the crypto community.


BlockFi’s announcement to permit crypto withdrawals from wallet accounts has generated optimism among its customers, who have been eagerly awaiting the resumption of this crucial feature. With court approval in place and preparations underway, the platform is working towards implementing the necessary infrastructure and testing to ensure a seamless withdrawal process. While questions remain regarding the implications for interest account users, BlockFi’s proactive approach in facilitating secure external wallets demonstrates their commitment to customer satisfaction and transparency. As the summer approaches, users can anticipate the restoration of their ability to access and manage their cryptocurrencies with increased ease and control, marking a significant milestone in BlockFi’s post-recovery journey.