Chris Rock Reports Peeping Tom Incident Outside His NYC Home

Picture Source: TMZ

Renowned comedian Chris Rock recently encountered a terrifying incident at his New York City residence in the SoHo neighborhood. The star, known for his sharp wit and humor, found himself caught in a real-life thriller when he called the police to report a peeping Tom lurking outside his apartment. This unnerving encounter sheds light on the fact that even A-list celebrities are not immune to privacy invasions, reminding us that such incidents can occur anywhere, even in the bustling streets of the Big Apple.

The Peeping Tom Encounter:

According to law enforcement sources, Chris Rock dialed 911 on Sunday night to report the presence of a suspicious individual on his fire escape. NYPD officers swiftly responded to the distress call but were unable to locate the suspect upon arrival. The peeping Tom had made a quick getaway, leaping down to the ground and escaping in a white Mercedes, leaving behind an eerie trail of mystery reminiscent of a Hollywood movie scene.

The Camera and Intentions:

During the distressing incident, Chris Rock noticed that the trespasser had a camera in hand, raising concerns about potential invasive photography or filming. It is unclear whether the individual aimed to capture footage of the comedian, but Chris reported the incident to the authorities, prompting an ongoing investigation into the matter. The invasion of privacy experienced by celebrities like Chris Rock serves as a disconcerting reminder of the constant vigilance required to protect one’s personal space and security.

Broader Implications:

While tales of trespassing and privacy breaches often surface from the glitzy streets of Los Angeles, this incident serves as a reminder that such occurrences are not exclusive to Hollywood. Even in the vibrant city of New York, famous personalities face the unsettling intrusion of their privacy. Taylor Swift, a notable example, has faced similar incidents in the past, highlighting the need for heightened security measures and awareness in urban environments.


The incident involving Chris Rock and the peeping Tom outside his NYC home underscores the importance of privacy and security for individuals, regardless of their fame or status. The swift response from the NYPD and their ongoing investigation signify the seriousness with which such cases are treated. As Chris Rock contemplates his next move, it is a reminder for all of us to remain cautious and maintain our personal boundaries, even in the midst of bustling cities. This unsettling event will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the comedian, potentially prompting him to consider a more secure living arrangement in the future, far removed from the accessibility of fire escapes.