Bam Margera Takes Positive Step Towards Recovery at Lamar Odom’s Rehab Center

Picture Source: TMZ

In a promising turn of events, Bam Margera, the former “Jackass” star, has taken a significant stride towards reclaiming his life. After being released from a psychiatric hospital, Margera has embarked on a journey of rehabilitation at Lamar Odom’s renowned treatment center. With the unwavering support of Odom, Bam aims to overcome his battles with substance abuse and reestablish a healthy and fulfilling life. One of the main driving forces behind his recovery is his deep desire to be there for his young son, Phoenix. This article delves into the recent developments surrounding Bam Margera’s recovery and his path to a brighter future.

Heading Towards Recovery:

Following his release from the psychiatric hospital, Bam Margera received a warm welcome from Lamar Odom, who has been steadfast in his commitment to assisting Bam on his journey to recovery. Sources familiar with the situation reveal that Bam is currently undergoing detoxification at one of Odom’s treatment locations, before subsequently transitioning to a rehab facility owned by the former NBA star. Lamar’s genuine concern and involvement in helping Bam have been evident, with his recent visit to the hospital to offer treatment at one of his Odom Wellness Treatment Centers.

A Motivating Factor:

Bam Margera’s journey to sobriety has been fueled by a powerful motivator—his young son, Phoenix. The tumultuous battle with substance abuse has hindered Bam’s ability to spend quality time with his child. The desire to be a present and responsible father has become a driving force behind his determination to get clean and rebuild his life. Margera’s decision to seek treatment at Lamar Odom’s rehab center showcases his commitment to making positive changes and prioritizing his role as a parent.

Concerns and Support:

The gravity of Bam Margera’s situation was highlighted when Los Angeles authorities tracked him down at a Trejo’s Tacos location and placed him on a 5150 psychiatric hold. It was evident that the concern extended beyond his personal well-being, as there were worries about potential harm to others, especially considering his previous statements regarding his own life. However, with the support of both professionals and friends like Lamar Odom, Bam now has an opportunity to receive the comprehensive treatment and assistance he needs.

Lamar Odom’s Commitment to Rehabilitation:

Lamar Odom, a former professional basketball player who has faced his own battles with addiction, understands firsthand the importance of rehabilitation and the power of recovery. In a commendable effort to help others overcome their struggles, Odom has opened three treatment facilities: the Gold Bridge Addiction Center in Louisburg, KS, Wavelengths in Huntington Beach, and Project West in San Diego. By extending a helping hand to Bam Margera, Odom demonstrates his dedication to empowering individuals in their journey towards a healthier and more fulfilling life.

A Hopeful Future:

As Bam Margera begins his detox and subsequent rehabilitation at Lamar Odom’s rehab center, there is optimism for a successful recovery. The unwavering support from Odom, coupled with Bam’s determination to be there for his son, serves as a strong foundation for his path to healing. Margera’s journey highlights the importance of seeking assistance and the positive impact that supportive relationships can have on an individual’s recovery.


Bam Margera’s decision to enter treatment at Lamar Odom’s rehab center marks a significant step towards his recovery from substance abuse. With the support of Odom and the motivation to be present in his son’s life, Bam is on a hopeful path towards a brighter future. The story emphasizes the importance of seeking help, the power of supportive relationships, and the resilience of the human spirit in overcoming personal struggles. Here’s to Bam Margera’s successful road to recovery and a renewed chapter in his life.

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