EDX Markets wants to become the safest bet in crypto

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EDX Markets, a new cryptocurrency exchange supported by industry giants Citadel Securities, Fidelity, and Charles Schwab, is set to revolutionize the crypto landscape while avoiding the pitfalls that have plagued other exchanges. Led by CEO Jamil Nazarali, EDX aims to combine the best practices of traditional finance with the innovative potential of the crypto space. By offering a secure and regulated platform, EDX seeks to attract risk-averse customers, including institutional investors, who have been deterred by recent market instability and regulatory uncertainties.

A Unique Approach to Crypto Trading:

One key differentiator of EDX is its separation of the broker, dealer, and exchange functions of trading. Additionally, the exchange does not hold retail clients’ funds, mitigating the risk of losing cryptocurrencies due to security breaches or mismanagement. Instead, EDX employs an approach similar to trading stocks on traditional exchanges, where individual investors interact with intermediaries. By adopting this model, EDX aims to minimize risk and ensure a safer trading environment for its users.

Enhancing Trading Efficiency:

EDX also seeks to address a common issue in the crypto market—the disparity between retail and institutional traders’ access to better prices on trades. Large-scale institutional traders can inadvertently cause asset prices to surge, leading to increased costs for retail traders. To counter this, EDX has implemented a “retail-only quote” system that sequesters retail trading activity, enabling customers to enjoy improved prices on smaller trades. This strategy aims to level the playing field and provide retail traders with fairer trading opportunities.

Competing with Traditional Models:

By blending elements of both crypto and traditional finance, EDX may pave the way for similar models to emerge, thereby expanding competition in the market. The combination of innovation and regulatory compliance showcased by EDX has been lauded by industry experts, indicating a positive future for the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The involvement of established players in the sector, as seen through EDX’s backing by Citadel and other industry giants, demonstrates continued faith in the economic viability of cryptocurrencies.

A Positive Signal for the Crypto Industry:

The launch of EDX Markets, coupled with recent developments such as BlackRock’s application to create a Bitcoin ETF, reflects the ongoing belief among major financial institutions that cryptocurrencies represent a significant asset class. Gordon Grant, Managing Director of Sales and Trading at Genesis, highlights that these initiatives signify a recognition of the real economic activity within the crypto sector that needs to be adequately served. Such support from established players bolsters the overall credibility and legitimacy of cryptocurrencies.

Anticipating Positive Market Momentum:

As major industry players become more actively involved in crypto and allocate larger investments to the sector, the remainder of 2023 holds the potential for an upward trajectory in crypto prices. Despite the obstacles faced in recent months, including increased regulatory scrutiny, the participation of well-established institutions and the growing momentum indicates a positive outlook for the industry. Josh Barkhordar, Global Head of Sales at Genesis, notes that these developments suggest a diminishing impact of previous hurdles.


EDX Markets’ unique approach to cryptocurrency trading, incorporating aspects of both traditional finance and crypto innovation, positions it as a promising contender in the evolving digital asset landscape. By prioritizing investor protections and adopting a secure model that separates trading functions, EDX aims to instill confidence in risk-averse customers. With the support of established players and a market poised for growth, the emergence of EDX Markets exemplifies the continued maturation and acceptance of cryptocurrencies within the broader financial ecosystem.