Russian Government Official Allegedly Collects $28 Million in Bitcoin Bribes from Hacker Group

Picture Source: Beincrypto

In a shocking turn of events, Marat Tambiev, a Russian government official, has been implicated in a major bribery case involving Bitcoin. Tambiev, who served as the head of an investigative department for the Committee for the Tver district of Moscow, allegedly accepted $28 million in Bitcoin bribes from a hacker group he was investigating. This incident has garnered significant attention in the country, marking one of Russia’s most substantial single bribery cases to date.

The Bitcoin Bribes Uncovered:

The revelations surrounding Tambiev’s involvement in the bribery scheme came to light during an investigation into corruption allegations against him. Prosecutors discovered that Tambiev was in possession of 1,032.1 BTC, which he had received from members of the Infraud Organization Mark hacker group. At the time, Tambiev was investigating these individuals and accepted the cryptocurrency in exchange for refraining from seizing their assets. His actions not only compromised his integrity but also led to the termination of his employment.

Cryptocurrency Landscape in Russia:

Russia, like many countries worldwide, is grappling with the increasing adoption and usage of cryptocurrencies. While the nation recently abandoned plans for a national crypto exchange, it remains focused on regulating such platforms. Anatoly Aksakov, the Head of the State Duma Committee on the financial market, emphasized the importance of establishing rules for crypto exchanges.

Rosbank, one of Russia’s largest banks, recently conducted cross-border transactions in cryptocurrency, following the Russian central bank’s efforts to facilitate the use of crypto in international settlements. This shift toward embracing cryptocurrencies comes as Western countries imposed heavy sanctions on Russia after its invasion of Ukraine.

Furthermore, Russia has emerged as the second-largest Bitcoin miner globally, trailing only the United States. The government has even shown support for mining activities, planning to subsidize a new 100-megawatt mining center in eastern Siberia. Despite these positive developments, the use of digital assets as a payment method for goods and services was banned in July 2022 by President Putin.


The alleged involvement of Marat Tambiev, a Russian government official, in a Bitcoin bribery case has sent shockwaves throughout the country. As Russia continues to grapple with crypto regulation, this incident highlights the challenges and risks associated with the growing adoption of cryptocurrencies. While the nation seeks to establish rules for crypto exchanges and supports mining activities, the ban on using digital assets for payments remains in place. As the crypto landscape evolves, it is imperative for governments and institutions to maintain the highest standards of integrity and transparency to ensure the trust and stability of the financial system.

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