FTX Files Lawsuit Against Founders of Digital Assets AG, Seeking $323.5 Million Recovery

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Cryptocurrency exchange FTX has taken an unusual step by filing a lawsuit against its European arm, Digital Assets AG (DAAG), which it acquired for $400 million. The lawsuit, filed on July 12, alleges that FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried and associates used the funds for personal enrichment rather than expanding into Europe as intended. FTX is seeking to recover $323.5 million in what it claims was a “massive overpayment” for DAAG, despite lacking a robust business plan.

Background on FTX’s Acquisition of DAAG:

Prior to its bankruptcy filing, FTX made several investments in Europe, including the acquisition of DAAG, which later became FTX Europe. The acquisition was made for $400 million. The lawsuit alleges that FTX made the overpayment despite being aware of the lack of a substantial business plan for expansion in Europe.

Parties Named in the Lawsuit:

FTX’s lawsuit aims to recover $323.5 million from Patrick Gruhn and Robin Matzke, the founders of DAAG, who continued to lead FTX Europe after the acquisition. The lawsuit also targets Brandon Williams, a managing director at Cosima Capital, who was involved in the acquisition process. Additionally, Lorem Ipsum Holding UG, a German holding company owned by Matzke, is mentioned in the lawsuit.

FTX’s Plans for FTX Europe:

Following the acquisition, FTX Europe was established through three transactions totaling $400 million between 2020 and 2021. A Swiss court has permitted FTX to explore the possibility of selling FTX Europe and has appointed an administrator for FTX Europe AG, which had filed for a moratorium proceeding.

FTX Faces Challenges and Aims for Relaunch:

FTX has faced several developments in recent times. Notably, the claims portal for victims of the FTX bankruptcy went offline shortly after its launch, preventing users from accessing account information and submitting claims. Meanwhile, it was revealed that prominent NFT figure Tom Brady incurred losses of $30 million due to FTX’s bankruptcy. Brady had endorsed the exchange and received $30 million worth of shares.

Despite these challenges, FTX is actively working on relaunching the international arm of its crypto exchange. CEO John Ray confirmed that the process of soliciting interested parties for the reboot of had begun, signaling FTX’s determination to bounce back and resume operations on a global scale.


FTX’s lawsuit against the founders of Digital Assets AG highlights the alleged mismanagement of funds and a significant overpayment made during the acquisition. The legal action underscores the challenges faced by the cryptocurrency industry, including regulatory uncertainties and the need for transparent business practices. As FTX aims to relaunch its international operations, it faces hurdles but remains determined to restore its presence in the crypto market.

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