Power Ledger (POWR) Price Surge Raises Questions of Bull Trap

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The price of Power Ledger’s native token, POWR, has experienced a 25% increase from the previous week, grabbing the attention of retail investors. However, concerns are emerging about whether this rally could be a bull trap. Power Ledger is a technology company focused on decentralized sustainable energy markets, and its token has recently reached a 2023 peak of $0.23.

Whale Investors and Increased Trading Activity:

The ongoing price rally of POWR is believed to be primarily driven by intense trading activity among Power Ledger’s whale investors. On-chain data indicates that these investors have increased their trading activity since June 10, with a significant rise in large transactions. Increased whale trading activity often triggers a bullish price trend due to their influence and financial power.

Retail Investors Joining the Rally:

On-chain data also reveals that retail investors have started to participate in the POWR price rally. The number of Daily Active Addresses on the Power Ledger network has significantly increased, indicating growing retail market participation. The spike in active addresses suggests a fear of missing out (FOMO) among retail investors, driving them to buy into the rally.

Price Prediction and Potential Scenarios:

While the momentum among retail investors could lead to another price surge in the near term, the lack of significant ecosystem events to validate the whales’ renewed interest raises concerns of a potential bull trap. If the market approaches a euphoric high without validation, a significant retracement could follow.

IntoTheBlock’s GIOM data suggests a potential support buy-wall around $0.15, where a significant number of investors bought POWR tokens. If these investors hold firm, they could trigger a rebound. However, if the bull-trap narrative holds true, a drop to $0.10 is possible.

Alternatively, if a community event sparks renewed bullish momentum, POWR could head towards $0.30. However, the sell-wall at $0.25 could pose a challenge, as investors who bought at an average price of $0.26 may choose to exit once they break even.


The recent surge in POWR price has attracted both whale investors and retail participants. While the growing momentum among retail investors could lead to another price pump, concerns about a potential bull trap persist without significant ecosystem events to validate the renewed interest. Traders should monitor the market closely, as a retracement to $0.10 or a push towards $0.30 are possible scenarios depending on market dynamics and investor sentiment.

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